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Explore Expeditions is a global adventure based provider for young white water kayakers travelling to some of the most remote and pristine rives in the world. Our expeditions focus on adventure, safety, skill building, camaraderie and personal growth.


“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”

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Explore Expeditions is a global adventure based provider for young white water kayakers. We travel to some of the most remote and pristine rives in the world, known for their exceptional kayaking. Our expeditions focus on adventure, safety, skill building, camaraderie and personal growth. Through these expeditions the participants have a unique opportunity to grow both on and off the water, individually and as part of a group. Our expeditions are only open to small groups of individuals who have demonstrated the necessary skills and confidence to competently paddle class 3+ rivers. Participants should have a real passion for white water kayaking and seeking adventure in the outdoors.

Explore Expeditions are lead by some of the best instructors, coaches and kayakers in the world. Explore Expeditions is not your typical summer camp adventure; our expeditions include flying into remote Canadian wilderness on helicopters and float planes, paddling through the world famous Costa Rican jungle, paddling remote Alaskan glacial waters, exploring the world famous Squamish area in BC and kayaking in New Zealand 'the adventure capital of the world'. Our expeditions visit rivers which are considered some of the best white water kayaking destinations in the world. We seek out expeditions that are of the highest caliber providing unique opportunities for skill development and personal growth in wild environments which are described as truly life changing.

Explore originated from Falling Creek Camps' "Huck" program which took the best paddlers from Falling Creek Camp on trips to destinations such as Costa Rica, Canada, Colorado, Ecuador and the South East. Our expeditions have the same ethos which are drawn from the Falling Creek Code where young paddlers are mentored to help them grow both as better kayakers but more importantly better young adults as we encompass values such as positive attitude and servants heart. Explore now accepts applications from young adventurers from numerous other programs. The instructor team actively works with Falling Creek Camp which continues to have an exceptional kayaking program that feeds many of the young people into our Explore Expeditions.

Explore expeditions have limited spaces. Keeping our groups sizes low we are able to maximize the experience for every participant, adapting the program and our teaching to suit their unique personalities and challenge, strengthen and meet their individual needs. It also allows us to assist with safety and lessen our impact on the natural world.

If you are looking for a "light” adventure travel then this is not the place for you. Explore Expeditions will take you to some of the most rugged, remote and amazing places in the world. Whilst safety is paramount, we design our expeditions to push you both physically and mentally. Our Expeditions are only for experienced class 3+ paddlers with a solid combat roll.


If you have a true passion and drive for adventure and love white water kayaking our Explore Expeditions are for you.



At Explore teamwork is an integral part of everyday. Setting safety, packing up camp, helping the team is a big part of daily life.


Claire is a phenomenal white water kayaker and is the co-Director and Head Coach of Explore Expeditions.

World renowned for her success in freestyle (Claire is the most successful female freestyle kayaker in history with 8 World Championships) Claire also has a extensive background in a wide range of white water paddlesport disciplines. Claire has explored, paddled, coached and been part of trips and expeditions to some of the most incredible rivers around the world.

Claire has a true passion, love and understanding of kayaking and has used this experience and skills to become one of the leading coaches in our sport.

"My son has been paddling with Jez for 5 years. He started his journey paddling with Jez at age 10 at Camp where Jez inspired and encouraged Charles to practice and improve over his month at camp every summer. Jez taught Charles the basic skills of paddling along with the safety techniques that you need to grow into a better paddler. Over the years at camp, Jez fostered Charles’ love of play boating. As a mom, I always felt safe knowing that Charles was spending the summer on the river with Jez. I knew that Jez always put the safety of our boys before everything else. After a few years paddling with Jez, Claire O’Hara joined Jez at camp and on the post camp expeditions. Claire and Jez are a fabulous team when it comes to paddling. I always know that I am leaving Charles with two fabulous role models who want to improve Charles’ paddling and help him grow into a fine young man! Charles has paddled all over the southeastern United States, Costa Rica and Ottawa Canada with Jez and Claire." - Katie Brooks, Macon GA



"All 3 expedition trips I have been on with Jez have been absolutely incredible. From Costa Rica, to Magpie, to Ecuador, each and everyone have been unique, exciting and challenging. I experienced many things that I would have never been able to normally. It's not every day you get to run away from a bear, kayak amazing whitewater with pro kayakers, then eat an awesome dinner under the stars, 500 miles away from the nearest city. The best part about the trips was not the whitewater, but the experiences, food, and scenery that our collective love for whitewater allowed us to all enjoy." - Henry Nixon, Augusta GA



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