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Respect comes in many forms and this includes respect for the wilderness, the gear, one another, leaders and respect for home. The wilderness is a very unique and sensitive part of the land that we all must respect and take care of. It provides so much more than a place to camp, hike or paddle. Wilderness cleans our air, filters our water and provides a home for wildlife. We must protect it by making sound choices such as the leave no trace policy, taking only photographs and leaving only footprints. Also we must use this in our everyday life and consider avenues that we can take to help clean our planet for the future. Respect must be maintained within the group between leaders and one another Importantly, respect for home must be maintained. Without your families, parents or care givers we all would not be able to enjoy such a life changing experience. 
The sense of infinite newness embodies every Explore Expedition. The concept of waking up somewhere new, experiencing rivers, mountains and parts of the world that you never have imagined before. This is apart of each and every day. Participants must be ready to take on these adventures. ​
Participants must be concerned with the needs and wishes of others. Sacrificing ones own interest for the greater good allows a feeling of unselfishness and shows great concern for others.


Each and every expedition comes with challenges, without these challenges there would be no sense of accomplishment. We encourage participants to fully immerse into the expedition, to keep positive and work together to keep the trip moving forwards. Through each adventure, they learn to tackle and deal with many challenges and difficulties. Often referred to as type 2 fun, participants don't fully realize the importance of these moments until afterwards when they look back and reflect, understanding how much effort and work went in to completing the expedition. 
The locations that we explore are usually far away from civilization and hospitals. Therefore we need to make good risk management decisions. The decisions that we make on our ordinary rivers such as boofing rocks, plugging holes or even just the distance we get to the edge of the river while scouting are much different to those we make when in wilderness and on Explore Expeditions. We therefore encourage every participant to continually consider what is appropriate for expeditions and what risks are not acceptable.


A blue explore-let reflecting; the blue Alaskan state flag; the night sky which is lit up through till midnight; the aurora borealis and the deep blue colors of the Alaskan glaciers.


A red explore-let reflecting; the Canadian flag; the iconic Maple Leaf; the rich sunsets viewed on the sandy beaches of the Magpie. The black stripes represent the difficulty of the expedition, just like black ski runs, this expedition is a real challenge. 


To be announced soon

Costa Rica

To be announced soon.


This is essentially a symbol given to every Explore Expedition Participant, worn on your left arm as a reminder of the expedition participated in. Each and every explore-let reflects the different types of expeditions participated in. Participants and instructors both wear their explore-lets with pride which also represent the 5 Core Values of Explore Expeditions.

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